You cant ask for a better sandwich! All types of beer on Tap. Great place for a Saturday lunch Bar.
S.k. Williams via - Dec 2, 2018
The Local Bar
This is an authentic village bar. Not sure how old it is but it goes way back. This is where the locals go to drink as opposed to college crowd. The food is basic but good. Great place to hang out with friends or family.
tlexv0ld via - Nov 21, 2018
Always a pleasure !!
Denis Redmond via - Nov 20, 2018
Nice friendly place with a long history. It can get crowded during peak times. The food is very good bar food.
Robert Bryan via - Nov 15, 2018
a little reunion and we met there for a couple of beers, good selection ... read more
David Vanini via - Nov 5, 2018
The same great food and drink I remember from 31 years ago. Truly a landmark.
mario gallucci via - Nov 5, 2018
If I'm torn between a sandwich and full meal Barbers is where I go - because a sandwich IS a meal, and I generally get 1/2 a sandwich! Their specialty is the Balboa and you can't go wrong on any of the dozen+ varieties. I also enjoy craft beer, and their 36 taps cover the spectrum of types and tastes. If you go, check out the grill - ... read more
Tom Martin via - Nov 1, 2018
My favorite place to eat when I went to brockport and it's a good hangout spot.
Mike Maniaci via - Nov 1, 2018
Best bar in Brockport, great service, delicious food.
Hannah Wilson via - Oct 31, 2018
First time in 50 years. Food drink were excellent.
Art Walker via - Oct 24, 2018
Good food, a lot to eat! A weekly visit for lunch.
Steven Seith via - Oct 15, 2018
Best wings Ang food for the last 35 years. So good I keep coming back.
Babz zfz via - Oct 12, 2018
Great friendly employees, and awesome food.
Kyle Goodwin via - Oct 1, 2018
Great local dive in Brockport. Has been there for years and hasn't changed. Which is great! Food is really good. Very popular night spot with the college crowd.
Nick Habes via - Oct 1, 2018
Great place for Lunch with great selection of beers.
Carmen LaDelfa via - Sep 27, 2018
Great food and great atmosphere ... read more
Jack Smith via - Sep 27, 2018
Great place for a drink and sandwich ... read more
Paul M via - Sep 21, 2018
Small Place but Very Good Food ... read more
Mary Jane Soule via - Sep 20, 2018
Always a good time!
Justin Collea via - Sep 13, 2018
Food is good ... read more
Steven Lee via - Sep 8, 2018
Walked into a packed bar on wing night thinking “this might be awhile” and left thinking “they abso
Walked into a packed bar on wing night thinking “this might be awhile” and left thinking “they absolutely killed that rush!” Very impressed. The Gold wings and the IPA selection were amazing as always. 💕 ... read more
Tara Kiah via - Aug 29, 2018
Great food and atmosphere ... read more
Eugene Jolly via - Aug 24, 2018
Great wings stopped in on a Friday night late after huge delay in flight times getting in. Bartender super friendly. Great Service!
Mary Jane Soule via - Aug 5, 2018
Great place. Food and service outstanding.
Johnl Marsden via - Jul 31, 2018
Good beer. A bit small.
Tony Dumas via - Jul 22, 2018
Fun place
We stopped in on a Sunday evening. The bartenders were nice and were quick with taking our beer orders. There are a ton of beers on tap to try. There was one drunk guy who brought his dog into the bar and was yelling, but...More ... read more
ThisisBox via - Jul 22, 2018
Took the family here on a road was phenominal! Great atmosphere, great everything. Good price. Thumbs up!
Ben Hixson via - Jul 16, 2018
Some of the best food in Brockport ...
Some of the best food in Brockport and exceptionally large and good selection of beer .  Very comfortable bar/restaurant and staff really accommodating.  Numerous TVs with sports.  I recommend sitting at the bar for a good lunch and conversation with the owners/servers.  Also,  just a stones throw from the Erie canal path so bike tou ... read more
Jerry M. via - Jul 13, 2018
A very friendly staff greeted us ...
A very friendly staff greeted us immediately. Drinks were ordered, but we were told they could only make one, as they were out of the liquor requested. Who doesn't have a beam and coke? Food was ordered and arrived quickly.My sandwich roll was very soggy and could not hold up to the ingredients it was supposed to hold, and all the me ... read more
S G. via - Jul 8, 2018
Nice place ... read more
Trevor Nesmith via - Jun 27, 2018
Great atmosphere. Great service. Great food. We found a new hangout.
Great atmosphere. Great service. Great food. We found a new hangout.
Mary Newbould via - Jun 22, 2018
Nice staff home town feel...makes ...
Nice staff home town feel...makes this Michigan girl want to squeal!!! A million flavors of brew ... read more
Freedom A. via - Jun 20, 2018
Awesome food good looking man working it ... read more
RhondAnn Andrews via - Jun 17, 2018
Stopped in and beside marring my wife, this was the best decision over ever made. Excellent sandwiches and great selection of brews on tap. Great location too ... read more
Patrick Phelan via - Jun 11, 2018
Always a great place to stop for lunch and a beer or two ... read more
Anthony Noto via - Jun 8, 2018
Takes a "draft n burger" to another plateau...
Joe Marotta via - Jun 6, 2018
Our go to bar for great beer and consistent good food!
Recently my wife and I needed to eat in the early evening well before the bar filled up. We have been going to Barbers for well on 40 years. (In fact, I used to occaisionally at breakfast before school with a friend of mine. Joe...More ... read more
campjung via - Apr 16, 2018
Best bar in Brockport, in my opinion. Great drinks and food. Only downside is it can be a bit small.
Eric Ernst via - Apr 9, 2018
This is our third time ordering late night food. Every experience has been amazing! All employees are very kind, and the Italian Balboa is delicious. Definitely worth a try! It is on our 45 + minute drive home and I can not be more grateful for the easy experience I receive. Sometimes after cooking for 12 + hours you just want good s ... read more
Cinder Zeigler via - Apr 9, 2018
Awesome little bar with great beer and food ... read more
Scott Keene via - Apr 6, 2018
Nice little bar in Brockport. We enjoy sitting at the bar, having a beer, watching one of the many tvs, listening to the music, and ordering their delicious food. (Very reasonably priced).
Lindsay Smith via - Mar 30, 2018
You can't go wrong with a visit to Barber's. Great food, I reccomend trying one of their delicious Balboa's ... read more
Kris Acevedo via - Mar 29, 2018
I love it at barbers my dad's family came here growing up with their grandfather. It has great bar tenders that we have come to know and love.the cooks are great with thier food as well ... read more
Holly Sheffield via - Mar 22, 2018
Good burgers and Ruben's! We we're pleased!
Sheri Hopkins via - Mar 11, 2018
Great atmosphere and quick service ... read more
Rick Wysocarski via - Mar 2, 2018
I would like to see Stan shave, and Sammy grow a ZZ Top gotee!
I would like to see Stan shave, and Sammy grow a ZZ Top gotee!
Kevin Harvey via - Mar 1, 2018
The Balboa sandwiches are awesome. We really enjoy the "Barber's Balboa" with onion rings.
Randolph Dumas via - Feb 27, 2018
Great food and service. Good quality food.
Joe Ciranni via - Feb 25, 2018
Very family friendly atmosphere. The food is great and the employees really make Barber's feel like home. I'm proud that they employ an openly homosexual bartender named Jason. His sexuality puts everybody in a good mood and this progressive attitude is nice to see in such a small town.
Nick D'Angelo via - Feb 20, 2018
Great food ... read more
Edward Ruef via - Feb 12, 2018
Classic bar and grill, yet at the leading edge of the craft beer movement with 36 well selected taps. The food... one else matches! Beyond generous portions! As I post I am trying to finish a pastrami and swiss sandwich...ahhh...
Tom Martin via - Feb 5, 2018
Best place hands down for food in Brockport NY!! Have a Balboa & pint!
Jay Klotz via - Feb 1, 2018
Good Wings!
C R Martin via - Jan 30, 2018
Good people, great food.
Clifford Brown via - Jan 27, 2018
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